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Lifting Labels provides quality Alb Robes for the celebration of four new Jesuit Priests.
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Innovation Works Newsletter 
November 20, 2020 

Changing Lives With Each Stitch.

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What People Are Saying

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“In the Innovation Works Boost Program in 2019, Chester and The Chill Station went to the head of the class. The concept of providing jobs and clothing clergy is an inspired one; Chester offers the leadership and teamwork to fulfill the vision and was awarded startup funding.” – Jay Nwachu, President & CEO, Innovation Works

Jay Nwachu


"There are many people who have developed outstanding textiles skills and enhanced their character throughout their incarceration. Many returning citizens would appreciate an opportunity offered by Lifting Labels to earn a livable wage and build a long-term career. Thank you, Lifting Labels, for your vision and mission." - Alena Kankova, Production Supervisor

Alena Kankova


John N. Huffington

"Lifting Labels is a much needed addition to the Workforce Development & Job Training landscape of Baltimore! Chaplain France brings decades of dedication and background uniquely qualifying him to lead this effort. His vision to leverage current Institutional job training with real world application and sustainable career paths is crucial to successful reintegration for Returning Citizens."-  John N. Huffington, Director of Business Development VP/COO Kinetic Capital Community Foundation


Bishop J. L. Carter

"As a servant of the Lord, I am compelled to love and embrace those who have made life-changing mistakes, but have reformed and adjusted themselves both mentally and spiritually for a fruitful future. Lifting Labels is a miracle organization that embraces those who have made horrific mistakes and understands no person should be left behind. To find meaningful employment is hard to do in this present generation, but to find appropriate employment with deficiencies from the past, is difficult and most often not possible. Lifting Labels becomes the miracle sent by God." - Bishop J. L. Carter, Pastor, Ark Church, Baltimore, MD

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