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Welcome to Lifting Labels 

We're Changing Lives with Each Stitch 

At Lifting Labels, every piece of ceremonial apparel is more than just fabric – it's a symbol of transformation. With each stitch, we're not just crafting high-quality garments but empowering the lives of the formerly incarcerated men and women of Baltimore City. Support our mission to reduce poverty. By choosing Lifting Labels, you're directly aiding in providing empowering jobs to those in need of a second chance.


Liturgical Garments


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Guided by our mission to reduce poverty, Lifting Labels is "Changing Lives with Each Stitch" to ensure that formerly incarcerated men and women can find and retain quality, empowering jobs when they return home.


Click on the image to take a 3D virtual tour of Lifting Labels production workshop.


Lifting Voices, a sewing project of The Chill Station, LLC, will make choir robes available to faith communities in need.

Lifting Labels provides quality Alb Robes for the celebration of four new Jesuit Priests.
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