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Woman Cutting Fabric

Guided by our mission to reduce poverty, Lifting Labels is "Changing Lives with Each Stitch" to ensure that formerly incarcerated men and women can find and retain quality, empowering jobs when they return home to Baltimore City by manufacturing ceremonial apparel.  

Ceremonial Apparel will include:

  • Church Pulpit Apparel 

  • Clergy Robes and Choir Robes

  • College and University Stoles

  • Judicial Robes

About Us


The Chill Station, Inc.

The Chill Station is a community-based, nonprofit, social entrepreneurial reentry organization established to reduce poverty, create sustainable employment and entrepreneurship, and improve the quality of life of underemployed and low-income families, particularly formerly incarcerated men and women. 


As a workforce training and development social entrepreneurial initiative, we are on a mission to design, implement, and maintain a multi-dimensional approach by creating a resourceful environment dedicated to improving the well-being of individuals and families by using the social impact business model.


Providing Opportunities to Individuals and Families

By using the Social Impact business model, we aim to open opportunities to individuals and families. Our nonprofit organization’s social mission and benefit are as follows: 

  • Provide skilled workers to the workforce

  • Provide revenue for job creation and entrepreneurship

  • Provide means for family support

  • Provide needed job and life skills training

  • Provide opportunities for restoration of family relationships

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