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Made in the USA: Working With Lifting Labels Sewing Operation

Lifting Labels is a 501(c)(3) sewing operation specializing in clerical and ceremonial apparel.  We also serve small businesses by accommodating small production runs for a Made in the USA product. 

Here is how we work:

  • Contact Chester France at Lifting Labels,, to discuss your product and requirements.

  • Customer supplies purchase order detailing required information clearly, delivers this and all materials and supplies for each product. (  See attached customer information order form if you company does not use purchase orders.)

  • Customer provides detailed drawings, patterns, samples and prototypes, so that Lifting Labels can assess viability, estimate cost and reference throughout production.

  • Lifting Labels requires payment for services at time of shipping or receipt.

  • Customer provides preferred shipping account.

The Lifting Labels workroom is designed for small quantity, high quality men’s and women’s garment sewing on industrial machines.  Contact us for assistance with small lot sewing needs using woven fabrics.   Accessories, garments and other small scale projects are ideal. Your Contact:


Select the button below to download PDF form for more details.

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