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Bishop J. L. Carter

Board Member

He has been the pastor of Ark Church in Baltimore, MD since 1987, Dr. Carter brings to his
more than 800 member congregation a wide array of educational preparation, preaching
experiences, skill, as well as honors and special services. He has a Bachelor of Science
degree (1979) from Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD; Master of Divinity degree
(1984) from the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology, Virginia Union University,
Richmond, VA; Doctor of Ministry degree (1992) from the United Theological Seminary,
Dayton, OH, Samuel DeWitt Proctor Fellows Program; and studied further in an Ecumenical
Study Program (2006-2008) University of Boston, Boston, MA; and several honorary
Doctor of degrees from various universities and colleges.

In addition to duties and responsibilities as a pastor, Dr. Carter has served as Regional
Coordinator for Disaster Relief, National Baptist Convention/National Red Cross. He has
served as Chairman of the Family Enrichment Commission, National Baptist Convention
(2006-2009); President of the Baptist Ministers Conference of Baltimore and Vicinity
(1995-1997) and as First Vice-President (1992-1994); and Vice President of Clergy United
to Reclaim East Baltimore (CURE) (1988-1992). From 2018 to the present he has served as
the President of the Ministers Conference of Baltimore and Vincinity, the oldest African
American Clergy group in Baltimore that is more than 111 years old.

Dr. Carter has traveled extensively around the world preaching, teaching, on mission
assignments, and participating in international study tours. A few places he has traveled
include: Johannesburg and Capetown, South Africa; Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa; Moscow

and Saint Petersburg, Russia; Seoul, South Korea; Edinburg, Scotland, Port-au-Prince and
Cap- Haiten, Haiti, Jakarta, Indonesia, Paris, France and more.

In 2014 he was elevated in the Lord's church as a consecrated Bishop with the
responsibility of severing and giving leadership to more than 25 churches nation wide. The
organization is called Kingdom Impact Covenant Fellowship of which Bishop J.L. Carter is
the presiding Prelate.

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